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A Look At The Five Stages Of Data Loss Grief

Your hard drive may have just died and you had no backups at all. Discovering that all of your precious and valuable data, photos, files, and music is gone, you can expect to go through these five following stages.

#stage one: Denial

You can go to denial after losing all of your data at once. It is the very first stage. You may think that if you try to reboot, it will start to work again. After all your hard drive keeps crashing every now and then and maybe rebooting is the only option to get all the data back. However, even after rebooting for almost five-six times, this is still not working then you need the help of an expert.

#stage two: Anger

You realized that you have lost all of your data and this can only bring anger to you. You will be blaming the company that sells such poor-quality products. Also, you are angry at yourself for not backing up all of your data beforehand. You now hate yourself for losing all of your fond memories with those valuable data.

#stage three: Bargaining

You are looking for other ways to recover your lost data. You may think of downloading some software and boot that drive as a secondary drive and try to recover at least some of your data. You will be thinking of buying a new hard drive for this job or thinking of getting a professional data recovery services which might have gotten much cheaper lately and you are hoping that they are affordable now.

#stage four: Depression

You are now slowly getting depressed over all the photos that you have lost. You can never see those faces again. The files had your essays from college which you planned to share with your kids someday. Your greatest regret is about losing that huge collection of music. It took you years to collect them. You are feeling like the last several years of your life have been erased in just a minute.

#stage five: Acceptance

You will gradually try to accept that harsh reality and try to pretend yourself that none of that was that much important. You have already uploaded most of it to various sites anyways. Hard drives are cheaper now and it is good to start over fresh from time to time, right? But then you are blaming yourself that why you did not back up all that stuff in the first place, to ensure data recovery in a situation like this.

The good news is, you can always avoid these stages and get in touch with computer repair and services Easthampton ma, who can provide you data recovery services.

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