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9 Common Reasons For iPhone Data Loss

Losing all of your iPhone data would have many reasons behind it. Here are 9 reasons why you might lose your iPhone data.

  1. Deleted data due to wrong operation on iPhone

By pressing wrong keys you may have accidentally deleted other items.

  1. iOS update on your iPhone

It often happens that after getting a new update of your iOS version, you may find that your contacts or other data are wiped. This can happen even after restoring the rest of the device’s settings.

  1. Virus attack

Virus attack in any electronic device can lead to data loss and iPhone is not an exception to this. In some cases, you may have no access to the files on your iPhone.

  1. Jailbreak

Jailbreaking your iPhone voids may lead your iPhone to stick in DFU mode where you cannot access any of your data. Pulling out the USB cable during the jailbreak process, or jailbreak fails may also cause data loss.

  1. Factory settings reset

There might be scenarios when your phone may hang and you need to restore the factory data settings on your iPhone. After restoring the factory data settings, you may find that all of your personal information has been lost.

  1. iPhone got damaged, crashed, smashed or even lost

If your iPhone gets smashed or crashed, it can cause data loss. The same may happen if you damage your iPhone by dropping it into the water or if its battery circuitry gets short-circuited.

  1. The device is locked by a forgotten password

There is always a password set on iPhone to protect personal information from intruders, but unfortunately, if you forget your password and get stuck in the locked screen, you’ll have no access to your data.

  1. iPhone is stuck in black/white Apple logo screen of death

It’s a common complaint from many of the iPhone users that iPhone would get stuck in black/white Apple logo screen of death and access to their files are not possible in this situation.

  1. Replacing iPhone battery

Replacing the battery has the same effect as resetting the iPhone. Since all flash memory in iPhone or other phones is retained without power. These can cause data loss as well.

Data loss is not only frustration but at times can extend to greater problems. You can get in touch with computer repair and services West Springfield ma for skilled Macbook and Apple product support. They are the ones who can help you out with your iPhone data loss.

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