Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your service so unique?
We don’t just put a band-aid on computer problems. We actually wipe the hard drive clean and reload a fresh copy of your Windows operating system. Computer professionals have known for years that this is the best way to solve problems and maintain a healthy computer.  We are also listed number 1 on Google Search.  If you type “computer repair in Springfield MA” or “laptop repair in Springfield MA”, you will see us #1.
Why don’t more companies perform this service?
In short, there’s a lot to it. Most computer repair stores are afraid of locating all of the computer’s necessary drivers. We have managed to figure out a method for performing all of the necessary functions without the risk. We have turned an 8-hour nightmare into a 4-hour streamlined process.  Whatever you do avoid Craigslists so called professionals for cheap and unprofessional service.  You will pay more money later on.
 Question: Does your business provides services on Gaming Systems?Yes, we services Playstation 3, XBOX 360


Do you work on Apple Products, IPAD, IPOD, Androids, Tablet?
What if there is a problem with my computer’s hardware?
Our technicians stock the latest parts for repairs and upgrades.
Can you restore a laptop or Macbook Pro?
Yes. No problem.