Computer Networking Services



Would you like to have a wireless network that allows you to use any PC or laptop in your home to freely and conveniently surf the web using high-speed internet anywhere in your home or even your backyard?

Just call Control+Alt+Delete and a systems engineer will come to your home to:
• Install a wired or wireless router and necessary cards to a high-speed source between two computers.  An additional $150 will be charged to add more computers to the network
• Configure router settings, such as the username/password, etc. to encrypt your network to protect it from intruders
• Check connections to make sure the networked computers can share files and print, if applicable
• Explain OS file and print sharing information to you
• Discuss network limitations, if necessary
• Demonstrate power cycling procedures
• Discuss virus and spyware prevention

If your computer has viruses or spyware that need to be removed, see the OS Service for details and price.

Please have your ISP (Internet Service Provider’s)  user ID and password handy when the systems engineer arrives.

This is only for Broadband Services, such as Verizon DSL, Comcast, Charternet, etc…