Website Design Springfield MA – Website Design for Small Business


Our hourly rate is $60 dollars an hour.  Pre-paid Block support available with discounted price.  Please call us for information.

The price quoted here is only for 5 page website 

Website Prices and development costs can vary tremendously and people seeking to have websites developed often do not know what to expect when they make an inquiry.

We like to be up front about this because we have had some unrealistic enquirers expecting to pay no more than $500 for a fully optimized, professional website. Clearly this is unreasonable. Good web design and Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of time and experience so, while we try to keep our site design prices as low as possible, the charges must be realistic.

If you just want a cheap website and you are not too concerned about quality then we are not for you. Similarly, if you are aiming at a major web design agency require complex graphic design and you want to pay a large sum of money for your website we are are probably not for you either. What we do is produce cost effective, functional websites for small and medium enterprises using valid methods and techniques. We also offer website advice, consultancy and a personal service throughout.

We have outlined some typical examples below to give you an idea of our website prices.

1. Single Page Business Card Type Website
Most businesses now recognize that they need a web address. But some businesses are not ready for a full website or they have no real content to place there. In this situation I can create a single page website, with some information about what you do and your full contact details, including an email link.
Single Page website price from $750 . 

(Note that the cost of a website is not proportionate to the number of pages required. A single page website still requires graphic design and developing the “look” or the graphics for a single page takes as long as it does for 100 pages). 

2. Four or Five Web Pages in an Online Brochure Format
A basic website with four or five pages such as home page, about us, products, contact details, inquiry form, etc, where you can provide the required content. We can include a suitable masthead in this and source a couple of images for you. Search engine optimization would be extra.
Four or Five Page website price will be from $2,550 – $2,750

3. Approximately Ten Web Pages on a Small or Medium Business Website
This would be as in (2) with a few more pages illustrating products and services and perhaps including portfolio or testimonial details. If required it would also include an online inquiry form asking the questions you specify to help generate business. Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization would be included.
Ten Page website price will be from $3,500 – $3,900

4. Basic E-commerce Website with Approximately Ten Pages
Perhaps you require a site like the above but you also need to sell a single item or small number of items online using Paypal or a similar payment processing service? Or perhaps you need to take variable payments online for services you provide?
Ten Page website price with some e-commerce functionality will be from $4,000 to $5,550.


5.  Full E-commerce Website with Admin Area

We can Design a full E-commerce site with shopping cart setup to to take online credit card payments. This can include a user friendly website administration area that will allow you to input your own stock, change prices, etc. The admin are is accessible online via a user ID and password.
Shopping Cart and E-commerce website price will be from $7,800 to about $9,500

6. Content Managed Websites (CMS)
If required we can make your website user updateable with a website content management system (CMS). If you want to update your own website we can install a system that makes it easy for you to to make your own website updates and change your website content on a daily basis if necessary.
Full Website Content Management System from $899

7. Website Updates and Modifications
Lots of people don’t want a content management system and if you are one of these we can make changes to your website upon request. We are not in the business of holding people to ransom for this and our minimum charge is only $75.00 /hour. This will cover most text changes that you require. If you need more extensive changes we will quote you a very reasonable price for these.

Factors that Affect Website Design Prices

There are a few other factors that will affect the price of your website.

  • Copy typing: We are not a type setting company and having to transcribe large tracts of text from paper documents takes time. You should always try to provide your copy in electronic format. The actual format is not particularly important as long as it is saved in a file. Even basic emailed text is fine. The formatting would have to be changed for the web anyway.
  • Changing your mind:If a significant amount of work has gone into part of your website development and you subsequently change your mind about this it will still have to be paid for. This makes it important that you carefully define your website before work commences. Be sure that you know what you want.
  • Scanning in graphics: If you don’t have digital images available and we  have to scan all your images from brochures this all takes time.
  • Graphic design work: Graphic design is probably the single most time consuming part of developing a website. If your site requires lots of original graphic design work expect to have to pay a little extra for this.

We hope that this gives you some idea of my website design prices. You must however appreciate that it is difficult to generalise on website prices. Each person’s requirement is different and website design prices can vary tremendously. The sites listed above are however good examples of my design prices.