Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your service so unique?

We don’t just put a band-aid on computer problems. We actually wipe the hard drive clean and reload a fresh copy of your Windows operating system. Computer professionals have known for years that this is the best way to solve problems and maintain a healthy computer. We are also listed number 1 on Google Search. If you type “computer repair in Springfield MA” or “laptop repair in Springfield MA”, you will see us #1.

Why don’t more companies perform this service?
In short, there’s a lot to it. Most computer repair stores are afraid of locating all of the computer’s necessary drivers. We have managed to figure out a method for performing all of the necessary functions without the risk. We have turned an 8-hour nightmare into a 4-hour streamlined process. Whatever you do avoid Craigslists so called professionals for cheap and unprofessional service. You will pay more money later on.
Does your business provides services on Gaming Systems?Yes, we services Playstation 3,

XBOX 360

Do you work on Apple Products, IPAD, IPOD, Androids, Tablet?


What if there is a problem with my computer’s hardware?
Our technicians stock the latest parts for repairs and upgrades.
Can you restore a laptop or Macbook Pro?

Yes. No problem.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My Hard Drive crashed and I needed some emergency data recovery and wanted to use someone local near Springfield. Tom was able to do that. I highly recommend Control Alt Delete. Thanks.

Glenn Cope II

I called several repair shops in Springfield area with great frustration. They either don’t answer their phone or put you on hold for a long time. Control Alt Delete was the only ones that answered my phone call right away had the perfect solution for my Laptop. I am very impressed with your service.

Ryan Wyles

Tom saved our business. Alex, Tom and John came in and reconfigured our share point server and all workstations. They even took all the workstations out of the boxes. These guys are friendly and very professional. Thank you Tom for your professionalism and your support staff. Thanks John and Alex as well. We highly recommend control alt delete service to all businesses

Jan Meyer

Fast, Friendly and great services. Thanks. I am really impressed the service they provided within 4 hours. I live in Greenwich, CT and came here for a meeting and was unable to recover my email. Thanks Tom. He helped me out and retrieved all my outlook mail and address book. Highly recommend.

Norm Feldkamp

My Laptop is finally running like it used to. I had forgotten what its like to have a laptop that is completely trouble free and performs better than the day I bought it. Amazing computer service provider. Thanks

Frank Tipton

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